Increasing agility, driving comfort and safety

Sports cars do not only draw their performance from high-powered engines and a captivating design. Instead, Bilstein says it is not uncommon for their suspension to work with state-of-the-art technology as well.
The close development cooperation between Bilstein and the vehicle manufacturers on the new Maserati MC20 and the Porsche 911 (992) reportedly shows how important this aspect is to suspension manufacturers.
Bilstein explains that these cars are the first to be equipped with the new DampTronic X shock absorbers from the German specialists.
With its expertise, however, Bilstein says it does more than just ensure that modern premium vehicles from sports cars to SUVs and luxury limousines set standards in terms of suspension technology.
It says that if the need for aftermarket spare parts and performance upgrades should arise later, all factory features are supported almost without exception.
It says that this is by no means the case with all suppliers, as Bilstein explains the development effort is huge unless a technology is already known from a company’s original equipment activities.

Bilstein says a good example of the technology transfer already mentioned is the Bilstein EVO SE coilover suspension for the new Porsche 911, which it says is the only product in its class to support the original electronic damper control with deactivation becoming a thing of the past.
When it comes to the Bilstein DampTronic X, Bilstein says the high adjustment dynamics of the shock absorbers allow the required damping forces to be adapted to the demand determined by the central control unit in just a few milliseconds.
It says the control concept calculates and adjusts the damping several hundred times per second, depending on the driving situation and wheel selectivity and in this way, agility as well as driving comfort and safety can be increased.
“It is a very good system that offers a wide spread between comfort and a sporty and dynamic set-up,” Bilstein Technical Project Manager, Marc-Raphael Stratmann, said.
“We have the only inboard system on the market that works with pilot-operated pressure relief valves in both the rebound and compression stage.
“The excellent controllability combined with very high dynamics is impressive. Simply rebuilding or imitating such a complex system without OE knowledge and the necessary patents? Almost impossible!”

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