BILSTEIN says its B4 air suspension module is a better solution for repairs

Aftermarket air suspension modules are often used when a replacement is needed, but the quality of remanufactured parts can vary widely. The ones that have the lowest prices may not have the highest quality.
BILSTEIN says that it has a solution for workshops that want to offer customers a repair in line with the current value of the vehicle without compromising driving performance, by using its new air suspension module.
BILSTEIN has considerable experience in this space. In fact, the company developed the technology to production maturity together with Mercedes-Benz in 1997 for the S-Class W220.
Many advances have been made in air suspension systems in the years since with BILSTEIN remaining at the forefront.
BILSTEIN is OEM for various vehicle manufacturers, so it is very familiar with all aspects of the technology and does not have to go through the process of reconstructing it from scratch. This gives the company an advantage over other manufacturers that choose to offer remanufactured components to save money on production costs.

BILSTEIN examined a remanufactured air suspension module they found on the internet. BILSTEIN discovered improperly replaced wear parts and a BILSTEIN shock absorber that was more than ten years old.
The company cautions that manufacturers of remanufactured components often disable the electromagnetic control valve instead of replacing it.
It also says that the shock absorbers are generally taken from the old part in their current condition with an untraceable mileage. This creates an unknown risk since the damping force can vary depending on wear.
BILSTEIN’s answer to lower quality remanufactured parts is the BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module, which the company claims can often be less expensive than using original spare parts.
With this part, cars drive like they did on the first day. Also, the company offers this module at a lower price without compromising on safety and comfort.

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