Bosch Car Service is a global network of premium independent workshops, working in partnership with the recognised and trusted Bosch brand

The world-class Bosch Car Service workshop network has 15,000+ workshops in 150 countries and has recently celebrated 100 years.
Recently, the Bosch Car Service network welcomed Black Widow Automotive from Wallan East, Victoria.
Owners Daniel and Bianca Fourie are extremely happy to be part of the Bosch Car Service network.
“Daniel and I have over 30 years’ experience in the motor trade and have seen so many changes through the motorcar service industry over the years,” Bianca said.
“We started our own business just over seven years ago and it has grown in leaps and bounds, to where we average around 25 cars a day at any given time.
“Having recently joined the Bosch Car Service network, we can now look forward to dealing with professional people that put our business first and can support us with the rapid growth of our business that meets our customers’ needs. Thank you, Bosch!”
The Bosch Car Service support features assist hundreds of workshops, every day.

Recently, Bosch showcased all that it has to offer in terms of the Bosch Car Service concept at the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket and Collision Repair Expo.
With great opportunities for all independent workshops to consider, Bosch Car Service says joining the network will allow you to rethink the way you do your business.
Bosch says business, technician and marketing support, as well as the global brand recognition of a world-leading and trusted company, is what the Bosch Car Service concept is known for all over the world.
The Bosch Car Service network is now over 100 years old. The first Bosch Service workshop was established in 1921, in Hamburg, Germany.
Over time, many more workshops joined the group and by 1960, the first Australian independent workshops were officially recognised as part of the world-class workshop network known today as the Bosch Car Service network.
Today there are approximately 140 workshops in the Oceanian region (Australia and New Zealand).
Bosch says maintaining outstanding quality standards across the Bosch Car Service network around the world is of utmost importance, and states that you can enjoy the following:
• Business Support: Bosch Car Service offers comprehensive support in all key areas of your business, including individual consulting on business processes, access to its quality program, and customer loyalty support.
• Training: Bosch Car Service offers you and your team extensive training opportunities, with a wide range of topics and programs, such as the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Program, “How to” courses, and seminars on the latest technologies.
• Marketing Support: to ensure maximum exposure for its members, the Bosch Car Service concept provides a wealth of marketing support material which can be used within the workshop environment and to promote the business to potential new customers.
• Technical Expertise: as a member, you are provided with access to a wide range of technical support and expertise.
• Partnerships and Loyalty Program: one of the key benefits of belonging to the Bosch Car Service network is the access to greater buying power with multiple product and service suppliers. Purchases from participating products/vendors also translate into Loyalty Reward Points via the Bosch eXtra loyalty rewards program which can be redeemed later on.

Just like Black Widow Automotive, Bosch invites you to also consider the thought of partnering with its network.
It says Bosch Car Service aims to support you into your business future while your business identity stays visible to your customer base and the Bosch Car Service brand and its support features are added to strengthen your current service offer.
Bosch says taking on the Bosch Car Service brand will assist you to attract new customers who are looking for exceptional quality (proven to be associated with the global Bosch brand) and will grow your future potential.
Bosch has room for many more independent workshops to join the Bosch Car Service network.
In summary, Bosch explains that the Bosch Car Service network offers members a professional business consultant; business and technical training; the use of a globally recognised and trusted brand; national marketing; a nationwide warranty program; industry partnerships; and a whole lot more.
To learn more about joining the world-class Bosch Car Service network, visit
Alternatively, email and a Bosch Workshop Area Manager will be in touch with you shortly.