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Roadsafe 4WD Product Development Manager, Troy Schipper, says the trend in new vehicles has considerably moved towards 4WDs complete with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) for good road handling and car-like comfort.
“When we start modifying and raising the factory suspension system for whatever reason, a large proportion of people don’t fully appreciate what happens to the kinematics of the front suspension and what effect this new-found superior look and height can have on tyre wear, steering effort and handling qualities; which in turn affects control of your vehicle,” Troy warns.
“While all vehicles are supplied from their manufacturer with a wheel alignment specification, this is very generalised. The manufacturer’s intention is to simply keep the vehicle travelling down the road in what is hopefully a straight line. So, when suspension is raised on an IFS vehicle, it moves the scope of this adjustment.”
Troy explains there are three key elements to consider in a wheel alignment: Camber; Caster and Toe.
“All three need to work together because if you take more from one, you have less of the other and changing suspension lift eats up some of the available settings,” Troy said.
“The amount of adjustment available is quite minimal and needs to work in harmony. Depending on the vehicle’s design and suspension component limitations, you may not have enough adjustment in the factory components to perform an alignment to meet the factory specifications or better yet, exceed the factory specifications for superior handling, tyre wear and control.”
Roadsafe says this is where an aftermarket product like Blackhawk4x4 Upper Control Arms can transform your vehicle.
“Blackhawk4x4’s Upper Control Arms offer a variety of cost-effective features and benefits that are difficult to fully grasp until you have driven the transformation – a quality wheel alignment is also paramount if you want to unlock the full potential,” Troy said.
“Blackhawk4x4 Upper Control Arms pick up the goal posts and move them, so the factory adjustment is in the right range to offer the adjustment required for a range of suspension lift between 30-70mm. We also add an extra goal post by physically putting more caster into the Upper Control Arm and a small amount of Camber change is also made to bring this closer to a desired specification. This allows the factory adjusters to become fine-tuning tools, rather than bulk adjusters which they cannot do to the correct standard with raised suspension.”
Blackhawk4x4’s Upper Control Arms feature genuine sized rubber bushings; genuine sized re-engineered Heavy Duty greaseable ball joint with increased angle; rotated ball joint cup to follow large suspension travel; re-engineered profile to maximise clearances; and two stage coating with E-Coat then hi-gloss powder coat. They are also ADR Compliable for road use with all GVM upgrades.

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