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With electronics technology moving so fast in the auto industry, keeping up with it is near impossible however Burg Design says it has been at the forefront every step of the way for over 50 years under the brand of ParkSafe.
Burg Design says it is the original pioneer of OEM quality assured Ultrasonic Front and Rear Parking Sensors in Australia offering the very first sets into our market over 30 years ago by directly supplying many thousands of sets to numerous motor vehicle manufacturers and importers as well as aftermarket installers.
Burg Design says it is still at the forefront of this ever expanding automotive electronics industry with the recent development of an extensive range of top-quality Reversing Cameras, Monitors, and Blind Spot Detection Systems (BSD) for all types of motor vehicle applications as well as Agriculture. 
Burg Design has just released what it says is the most advanced range of Radar/Microwave Blind Spot Detection Systems (BSD) and Ultrasonic Parking Systems ever offered for sale in Australia that are suitable for the aftermarket.
It says the range offers easy installation on all types of cars, RVs, utes, vans, buses, trailers and small and large commercial Trucks. 
Burg Design says all of the ParkSafe products are thoroughly quality tested for performance and durability before being released to market.
Further, it states all ParkSafe products come with a minimum three to five years’ warranty, depending on the item and its application.

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