The trade is singing the praises of Bluechem’s DPF range of products

The Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) collects the soot from the exhaust system. This soot builds up and has to be removed, however the regeneration process requires the exhaust temperature to rise to 600 °C. This only happens on long journeys or ‘hard’ driving, or through automatic regeneration, and Bluechem says this does not always work.
Additive regeneration provides a more thorough and precise cleaning process regardless of soot volumes and this means that after a long period of non-regeneration, the regeneration process can fully start again. Further, filter cleaning can also help to keep exhaust gas emissions at the mandatory level, says Bluechem.
Bluechem says this is where its range of DPF products including DPF Power Clean, DPF Top Gun Cleaner, DPF Catalyst Cleaner and DPF Flushing Liquid comes into play. Complementary products for this process include Bluechem’s Oil System Cleaner, Common Rail System Clean and Protect and also Oxicat.
Manny Stamatiou of South Melbourne’s European Automotive Repairs’ says that he is so confident of the ability of the products, that he promises his customers that if he can’t fix it, he won’t charge them.
“I use these products because they work. Over the years I have tested a lot of products and I have had probably only two out of 60 brands that I could use and Bluechem was the only one that stood out that actually worked,” Manny explained.
“They are worth every dollar and I have so much confidence in them that I have no problem putting them in customers’ cars even though we promise that if we don’t fix it, we won’t charge them.
“Those that know how to use the product can be confident that it will work, it is not a gimmick. Bluechem knows what they are doing, there is a science behind it and they have got it right.
“Recently I had a customer come in with an Audi A8 – it had always been serviced by the dealership and they had been told they needed a new DPF at a cost of $5,500. I used the DPF Top Gun Cleaner and it regenerated very quickly and came up perfectly for a total cost of around just $450.
“I have had cars come in on tow trucks that will die within 15 seconds of being started – it does take some time, especially if the DPF is completely blocked, but I remove it and give the chemical the opportunity to work, and it does.”
Another trade customer who can’t say enough about Bluechem’s DPF products is Jacques Saba, the owner of Sunshine’s Exceltune in Victoria and a Master Quantum Tuning dealer.
“The Bluechem DPF products are just amazing, they are effective and reach right into the DPF – we have seen it working for so many cars that were previously unable to be fixed. I absolutely recommend them,” Jacques said.
“The DPF Power Clean and DPF Top Gun Cleaner go hand in hand to force the regeneration of any DPF.
“There is a magic to the products and whether we are working on a DPF or some other issues, we trust Neil at Bluechem – he knows the ins and outs of our business, the issues that we face, his products and what they can be used for.
“Bluechem products have saved us from many issues, not only when it comes to cleaning DPFs.
“We also recommend the Oil System Cleaner, it has helped us to remove the gunk from many engines, free up slow rotating turbos, clean the strainers and clean the oil pump pick-up without having to remove the sump – it is a beautiful product to use.”

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