Designed and manufactured in Italy

BMC Air Filters says it has continued the development of its range of high-performance OE replacement air filters for Australian 4WD vehicle applications.
BMC air filters are designed to increase power and improve fuel economy, without compromising reliability. They are said to be easy to install and reportedly ensure a higher air flow than OE filters, producing less than half the pressure drop when compared to paper filters.
BMC says its air filters offer excellent engine protection through a high level of filtering efficiency.
A special four-ply multilayer cotton filtration material guarantees containment of impurities from as small as seven microns, where paper filters generally offer filtration of particles of only 10 microns.
BMC Air Filter moulds are made using a single piece system avoiding breakage or deformation and use a compound of increased strength resins which reportedly avoids the filter ‘sucking’ into the airbox.
BMC air filters can be cleaned and regenerated and have a general lifespan equal to that of the vehicle, saving the cost of changing the air filter each time the vehicle is serviced. 
The filter can even be cleaned and regenerated while out on the tracks, with the handy aerosol service kit.
The 4WD range now includes air filters for many popular 4WD makes and models and the full range of BMC Air Filters is available via a network of Specialised Resellers and Authorised Dealers.

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