With Mark Larkham and Nolathane

For more than three years, Nolathane and Mark Larkham have enhanced the suspension knowledge of in excess of 3000 industry members via the Nolathane Academy.
The primary objective of the online learning portal is to improve the suspension category knowledge base at all levels of the industry; be it mechanics, apprentices, call centres, counter and field sales, purchasing through to category management.
A big part of this initiative was the use of Mark Larkham, who has proven very effective for Nolathane since coming on board as the Technical Ambassador three years ago.
“Try and find a better technical expert who can simplify and explain complex designs, terminology and the application of a product than Mark Larkham,” Nolathane Marketing Manager, Andrew Nolan, said.
“The guy continues to be highly regarded firstly among motorsport fans but even more so among the industry where mechanics, parts interpreters and technicians are needing continual learning to support their careers.”
The modules are short one-to-two-minute videos followed by a multiple-choice question and answer format.
“We have certainly taken on board the time pressures of the market, so we have developed very short and to the point content that delivers the key information we wish those completing to retain. The first module ‘Introduction to Nolathane’ can be completed in 15 minutes, so we are not talking hours to complete,” Andrew said.
“On successful completion, Nolathane proudly issues a personalised certificate that we hope becomes part of any individual’s key learning achievements.”

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