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Borgeson says it is one of the industry’s most trusted sources for steering components with its products including single and double U-joints, vibration reducers and rag joints, steering shafts, support bearings, couplers and adapters, pin and block racing u-joints, column drops and floor mounts and power steering components.
Borgeson Needle Bearing U-Joints
Needle bearing u-joints have the distinct advantage of lasting much longer than non-needle bearing u-joints. Borgeson recommends only needle bearing u-joints for use on street vehicles, stating its u-joints are made of specially selected steel and stainless steel for strength and longevity. It says the sealed precision needle bearings never need maintenance and states its needle bearing joints have zero backlash (radial play) for more precise steering and a better feel for the road.
Borgeson u-joints are machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment from solid billet steel or stainless steel. Ongoing engineering and testing ensure the components meet or exceed current automotive production vehicle requirements. The company says any of its four Double D sizes, 14 different spline size yokes, and the ‘94 and later Mustang V style can be combined to mate components from many different manufacturers. They operate at angles up to 35°. Similar to OEM u-joints, the staked needle bearing caps prevent loosening and adjustment malfunction.
Double needle bearing universal joints
Angles over 35° can be negotiated by using a Borgeson double universal joint. These double universal joints can accommodate angles up to 70°. Double universal joints are available in steel, stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Borgeson double universal joints are available in all of its popular spline and DD configurations.
Vibration reducers
Using urethane to isolate all of the metal components, Borgeson has developed vibration reducers to diminish annoying vibrations transmitted through the steering system. As an added benefit, the resulting reduction in vibration has been shown to increase the overall life of the steering components, including the steering column and box.
Splined and Double D Shafting
Splined or double D steering shafts are a simple and safe method of attaching your steering components. Borgeson offers 3/4” double D shafts in steel and stainless steel. Splined shafts are available in steel, stainless steel and polished stainless steel.
Telescoping Shaft
Borgeson offers two telescoping shaft assemblies in 24” and 36” overall lengths. These shafts can be used in a variety of applications and make installation and removal of steering system components simple and easy. By pulling or pushing on the assembly, the overall length can be shortened or lengthened. This telescopic shaft also meets NHTSA guidelines for collapsibility in passenger cars and adds a measure of safety.
Rocket Industries is the Australian distributor for all your Borgeson steering component requirements.

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