There is a Bosch spark plug for almost every automotive application, says CoolDrive

CoolDrive Auto Parts, which says it is Australasia’s leading automotive aftermarket parts distributor, continues to grow its impressive product offering; recently welcoming the Bosch spark plug range to the fold. 
Since inventing the first commercially viable spark plug in 1902, CoolDrive Auto Parts says Bosch has continually been at the cutting edge of spark plug development. 
Driven by precision and through working closely with vehicle manufacturers, Bosch develops its spark plugs to the specific requirement of each engine to deliver optimum performance and excellent anti-seize and corrosion protection.
“The higher demands of modern engines with petrol direct injection require spark plugs designed specifically to the requirements of each combustion chamber,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Category Manager, Jarrod Hurst, said.
“That is where Bosch spark plugs excel, featuring precise spark installation depth, projection and indexed ground electrodes as required.
“Bosch spark plugs are unique in the industry, in that they are heavily influenced by motorsport, bringing racing technology onto the roads. 
“For instance, the use of the cup connector, improvements to insulator designs and the use of precious metals have all come from innovations in the motorsport arena. These are supported by patented production techniques, like the continuous wave laser welding process and the Bosch-developed nickel coating process for corrosion resistance.” 
The Bosch offering at CoolDrive begins with the Standard spark plug range, capitalising on Bosch’s established technology and high market coverage to deliver reliable quick starts and hassle-free fitment. 
The Precious Metal Line consists of three distinct product ranges – Platinum, Double Platinum and Double Iridium – which are also available at CoolDrive. 
The Platinum spark plugs deliver improved ignitability, performance and a longer service life, with a tapered ground electrode that ensures effective burn, combining with the innovative nickel-yttrium alloy for increased wear resistance.
Taking the Platinum range to the next level, are the Double Platinum spark plugs, which offer greater performance and long service life due to the platinum alloy centre and ground electrode, and a high wear resistance due to the double precious metals. 
Capping off the range are the Double Iridium spark plugs that deliver exceptional ignitability and performance thanks in part to the unique iridium alloy, as well as improved durability with the use of fine wire and continuous laser welding technique during production.
With a fitment range covering passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles, there is a Bosch spark plug for almost every automotive application. 

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