ARB says there is a new kid in town

ARB has long offered a range of tried and tested alloy and steel tubular roof racks; and while this “bulletproof” series of classic racks has undoubtedly secured its place within the range, ARB says there’s now a new kid in town.
ARB explains its team of engineers have spent years designing, trialling and testing the all new BASE Rack, which it says is a revolutionary new roof rack that is “sleeker, stronger, smarter and bound to impress.”
Featuring a fully welded extruded aluminium design with beams that run the width of the vehicle, the BASE Rack reportedly has the strength of the steel racks at a fraction of the weight.
Due to the strength in the cross beams, ARB says there is no requirement for a sub-frame, getting the rack lower to the roof of the vehicle. The low-profile design means the roof rack looks sleek and becomes more integrated in the vehicle’s overall appearance.
Utilising a dovetail system on both side profiles of the rack’s internal beams and the external side of the perimeter beams means there is more flexibility to attach a wide range of accessories where you need them and without disturbing other cargo. The side mounting profile also provides full use of the beams’ top surface and allows the beams to support cargo without worrying about protruding tie-down points.

The BASE Rack allows for quick and simple customisation, with options to keep it as a flat rack with no rails or purchase the kits to transform it into a rack with 1/4 rails, 3/4 rails, trade rails or full rails as you desire.
Fit cargo however you like with a range of accessories making it easier to attach, adjust or remove as you need. A wide array of accessories can be attached via a simple clamp mount and can be added to any point along the internal or perimeter beams.
The ARB BASE Rack starts from $1140 and is available in store now in a number of sizes to complement the vast range of 4WDs on the market. Further development is currently underway and will be released in the near future.

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