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Power steering is often taken for granted however it is a key component in delivering the additional force we are all used to.
By far the most common method employed to assist steering is a hydraulic based pump system. Hydraulic power steering pumps, typically powered by drive belts, deliver pressure to the rack to give its assistive steering power.
In recent years, electro-hydraulic systems have started to appear where an electric motor is used to drive the pump, and finally purely electric motor driven gear systems are used in some cases.
BG Automotive (BGA) says it is the former two which it specialises in, and explains that common reasons for failure are as follows:
• Contamination of fluid – from maintenance, aging hoses which lead to moisture ingress, to degradation of internal components; the fluid gets old and the contaminates exacerbate wear leading to failure.
• Low Fluid Levels – low fluid levels reduce the amount of pressure the pump can develop meaning it has to work harder and thus wears out faster. PSP fluid also acts to cool the pump meaning low levels bring on overheating adding to additional wear and fluid contamination.
• Belt alignment or damage – an incorrectly fitted or functioning belt can pull on the pulley causing uneven wear to the bearings in the pump, eventually leading to leaks, poor operation and failure.
• Worn out pump – either by age, use, heat or contamination; as the pump ages the pump will become louder and weaker indicating it is time to change it.
BGA says it is an automotive pump specialist and you shouldn’t “settle” for re-manufactured, as it supplies 100 percent brand new power steering pumps of OE quality or higher.
It explains that none of its pumps are re-manufactured and that where possible and/or required by market demand it re-engineers the OE parts to remove any issues with the design and then manufactures the pumps from scratch.
As a result, BGA says the pumps are free from the inconsistencies, contaminations, micro-fractures and shortened life that is it says are “unavoidable” with re-manufactured products.
Further, it says BGA Pumps often feature upgraded internals to the OE part too and every pump is manufactured using the latest in OE technology in its state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled facility.
During manufacture, each component is reportedly individually measured and tested for conformity and quality assurance.
BGA says it provides the best and largest range of brand new, OE quality or higher power steering pumps available to the aftermarket.

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