The new twin adjustable shock absorber from TJM, Pace Performance 4×4 Suspension, has arrived

TJM says Pace Performance 4×4 Suspension has been designed to provide the ultimate off-road experience for both weekend adventurers and high performance off-road users.
The unique eight-stage compression and rebound adjustability provides a fully customised ride to suit any load application.
TJM’s Pace Suspension has been running in the Patriot Campers’ Megatourer over the last year and was recently fitted to Patriot’s new Ford Ranger Supertourer, giving Justin Montesalvo and the team the opportunity to test in the field.
When asked about his experiences, Justin shared that “this suspension is leaps and bounds above anything else that we’ve tried before.”
The patented inbuilt hydraulic bump-stop provides the perfect solution for vehicles that experience suspension bottoming at high speeds or when heavily loaded.
As the suspension reaches maximum compression, the internal bump stop progressively increases damping resistance for maximum impact control. As a result, the vehicle and occupants are protected from high stress loads. The innovative monotube design consists of a single wall construction which ensures direct heat dissipation, says TJM.
TJM’s Pace Suspension is now available for the Ford PX Ranger 2012+, Mazda BT-50 2012+, LandCruiser 79, 78 and 76 Series (single cab, dual cab, troop carrier and wagon) with many more coming soon.

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