Terrain Tamer is excited to announce the recent appointment of Brent Hutchinson as its new General Manager

Terrain Tamer says Brent Hutchinson’s appointment signals a strong commitment to preserving the family-owned and operated heritage of the Australian 4WD spare parts company.
Brent says he is humbled to take the wheel as General Manager with the full support of recently retired former General Manager, Jim Dean, who made his mark on all aspects of the company, and his father and company co-founder, Frank Hutchinson, a highly respected entrepreneur in the world of 4WD spare parts.
“It is an honour to follow in the footsteps of two great mentors, Jim and Frank, as I embrace this new leadership role. They would often say ‘they dug the trenches’ and they’re absolutely right – they have always operated with great passion and integrity,” Brent said.
“We are in the fortunate position to have members of our senior management team who are reasonably young, but all have over 20 years’ experience with the company – something that only occurs when you train and promote from within. We have all benefited immensely from many years of mentoring from the best brains in the business.”
Frank was self-taught and initiated a partnership at the grand age of 24 with one of Australia’s original Bedford 4WD parts interpreters, Don Kyatt, which is a testament to the fact that the company has innovation at its core.
“I’m proud to say that developing specialist 4WD spare parts, with a commitment to good old-fashioned customer service, is in my DNA too and I intend to honour their legacy at every turn,” Brent said.
Apart from carefully honed spare parts knowledge, Brent comes to the role with a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA. He has worked for 18 years in various roles across the company, including three years in manufacturing and warehousing, three years in sales, and most notably, the past 12 years as Marketing Manager.
While closely overseeing the company’s marketing activities, Brent and his team orchestrated strong growth locally and abroad, while winning awards for innovation and marketing excellence along the way – not to mention the hearts of customers too.
“Our Terrain Tamer TV series features over 100 episodes, which are filmed in some of the most remote parts of outback Australia. We’ve worked closely with much-loved members of the Terrain Tamer family, most notably our Head Engineer Allan Gray, who has attracted millions of views online over the last 10 years,” Brent said.
In recent years, Brent and the team have overseen extensive expansion of the company’s five international branches, growing a global distribution network to over 80 countries and earning Terrain Tamer a nod as finalists in The Victorian Export Awards.
“We are entering an exciting chapter of growth, globally, and further expansion to countries that need to navigate tough terrain are most certainly on the horizon,” Brent said.
“My primary goal is to ensure that our company, as it continues to spread its wings, remains a proud example of Australian values at home and abroad. In my view, this starts and finishes with creating strengthened 4WD spare parts, inspired by this rugged, wonderful country of ours.”
Terrain Tamer reports its latest achievement is a unique and dynamic software system, designed to grow the education and Parts Interpreting capacity of its business partners. It features 3D imaging and meticulous detail about each part, carefully curated by experts, which is unprecedented in the industry. This technology is particularly beneficial for small business owners, often tested to provide answers and solutions for customers on demand.
“With this facility, our customers are able to benefit from our growing knowledge base without needing to call or research further online. We’re always challenging ourselves to lead the customer experience,” Brent said.
Next year marks the company’s 50-year anniversary, which Brent says is a perfect opportunity to pause and celebrate their collective impact within the industry.
“I can’t give much away at this stage, but we’re working on some exciting projects to ensure our family of customers can celebrate with us. We’re no strangers to having fun – those who are familiar with our Terrain Tamer adventures know that – and next year is definitely a milestone worth marking,” Brent said.

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