The company’s annual stability report outlines its sustainability initiatives

The Bridgestone Corporation has released its annual Sustainability Report with an update on its initiatives and progress toward the environmental goals of its ‘Milestone 2030.’
The report outlines the roadmap the company has for reaching its Milestone 2030 targets, including a 50 percent reduction in C02 emissions from its 2011 benchmark.
The report detailed the steps that Bridgestone has taken over the past 12 months toward its sustainability goals, including becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
The 2020-21 report features Bridgestone’s sustainability framework, which is in line with the Mid-Long Term Business Strategy Bridgestone announced last year.
The report also includes some key achievements over the past year, including a 31 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and an increased uptake of renewable energy sources, which now account for around 11 percent of its global energy consumption.
“In order to meet changing social needs, we are taking on the challenge of creating value for society, our customers and Bridgestone,” Bridgestone Global CEO and Representative Executive Officer, Shu Ishibashi, said.
“The Group will also carry out a wide range of social contribution activities beyond our business domains, to foster trust with society and various stakeholders for further value co-creation.”
The report also discusses the progress the company has made toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“It is the role and responsibility of the Group to fulfill our responsibilities for the future, such as contributing to the achievement of SDGs with the mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’” Shu said.
“We would like to invite all of our stakeholders to join us on our sustainability journey and believe this report is an important step as it promotes transparency and accountability.”
Bridgestone’s goal is to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company. Sustainability is an integral part of Bridgestone’s 30-year business plan, and the company has committed to integrating sustainability into its culture and operations around the world.

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