Now in Australia

TAG Towbars says that thanks to a recent partnership with Brink European Towbar Solutions, Australian drivers can now enjoy the benefits of superior European-style fixed, detachable, and retractable towbars with specific wiring kits.
TAG Towbars says Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years, stating that thanks to its core values of innovation, ease of use, and safety, Brink has become a global market leader in designing, testing, and manufacturing European Detachable-Style Towbars.

Vertical Detach Towbars
Are you looking for a towbar for your car that becomes completely invisible after use? Then the Brink vertical detachable towbar is the perfect solution, says TAG Towbars. You can take out the ball and store it in the boot, and with most towbars, you can also fold away the socket plate behind the bumper.

Diagonal Detach Towbars
Are you looking for a detachable towbar that excels in user-friendliness? TAG Towbars says you will find the diagonal detachable towbar is the solution, stating that in no other detachable system is it as easy and effortless to unlock and lock the ball. As an added advantage, the sleeve of the towbar remains largely invisible after the ball is removed.

Fixed Towbars (Swan Neck)
Do you frequently use a towbar? Then the fixed towbar is the right fit for you. It is permanently available, maintenance-free, and will last the lifetime of your car, says TAG Towbars. The fixed towbar is suitable for every type of bike carrier, and it can easily take any challenge, be it towing a trailer, caravan, horse float, or boat trailer.
Brink European Towbars Solutions are now available for immediate delivery from TAG Towbars Distribution partners all over Australia.

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