Over the last five years, more than 100 independent workshops have joined the Bosch Car Service network

2020 is now in full swing and those personal New Year’s resolutions you may have made at the beginning of January, could now be somewhat questionable.
But what about your business resolutions?
• Are there areas in your workshop that are in desperate need for improvement?
• Do you wish for your workshop to be more structured?
• Do you dream of working on your business, rather than in it all the time?
• Don’t know where to begin?

Turning to Bosch
Turning to Bosch to help you could be the new year’s resolution you didn’t know you needed.
Bosch explains that it is partnered with more than 13,000 workshops around the world and has reportedly created the largest independent network of premium expert workshops, known as the “Bosch Car Service” network.
Specifically in Australia and New Zealand, there are approximately 200 workshops branded “Bosch Car Service.”
To their ever-growing customer base, they are known as workshops which provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
Servicing over 300,000 vehicles per year, the Bosch Car Service network of workshops are said to be true experts in the industry.
Bosch says that it understands that independent workshops rarely have first-hand information on what is going on in the industry and sometimes, the lack of resources and connections prevents them from keeping abreast of the latest developments. It says that this is why the Bosch Car Service network exists.
With a focus on the development of technical and business know-how, the Bosch Car Service concept addresses the issues independent workshops face on a near daily basis, so that (over time) they can gain that competitive edge that is required in today’s market.

Are you ready to make some positive business improvements in 2020?
Bosch says it has always been committed to providing the Bosch Car Service network with the technical and business training, marketing, network, partner and operational support that is required for continued success.
Over the last five years, more than 100 independent workshops have joined the network to stay one step ahead of the rest.
One of those workshops is run by Frank Spiteri out of Rincap in Milperra, New South Wales.
“The iconic Bosch brand is well known for its quality. Soon after joining the network, I definitely noticed a change in customer behaviour towards my workshop,” Frank said.
“Our customers instantly relate our workshop to being of the same quality in the service and products that we provide for them. The brand definitely does drive new customers through to our business. Best of all, I have kept my business name.”
Frank added: “It’s nice knowing I have kept my identity but have had the support I need from belonging to group that shares their stories. The changes made over time and guided by Bosch, certainly have helped to grow my business steadily. The workshop undertook many updates and I’m very proud of where it is today.”
The Bosch Car Service membership fee includes AAAA membership as well as the above support features.

To learn more about the network or to take the first step in energising your workshop with Bosch Car Service, Bosch invites you to visit