Workshop software company 5iQ says a strong digital presence is more important than ever

Digital presence is often thought of as a website or social media, simply how your business appears online.
In 2016 there were 140.7 billion mobile apps downloaded compared to 204 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2019, with more businesses turning to expand their digital presence.
“You need a strong digital presence because your customers are online using mobile apps for almost everything due to convenience and the speed at which we can get things done now,” 5iQ Chief Executive Officer, Mark Alfred, said.
5iQ says having a mobile app digital presence will allow you to:

  • Create visibility – the more visible your business is to your current customer and prospects the easier they will be able to find and use your service.
  • Build constancy – grow your business with a consistent online presence which will help your brand recognition.
  • Build customer loyalty – your customers are people and people are relational, meaning people will buy from people or companies they trust. Use your digital presence to show your customers and prospects that your business is helpful, trustworthy and knowledgeable.
  • Make a positive first impression – your online presence determines the kind of impression you will leave. According to Forbes, most people form a first impression within the first seven seconds.
  • Share valuable content – create educational messages and share news such as tips to maintain your vehicle. Write what your audience cares about as this content will educate, build trust and loyalty resulting in them coming back, increasing repeat and referral business. 
  • Simplify daily tasks – apps have eliminated the need for your customers to physically go to your store or ring your workshop to make a booking.
  • Reduce costs while increasing productivity – the cost of the app remains constant month in and month out however your digital presence significantly increases your chances of receiving bookings 24/7 through digital automation without the need to hire additional staff.

“Brand recognition fulfills and rewards loyal customers, it also attracts new customers based on its reputation and referral from a happy customer,” Mark said.
“I think we all agree service and quality make a brand and our customer app provides a new platform for workshops to take their service and brand digital.”

For more information, contact 5iQ at or 07 5600 1959.