With Burson Equipment

Not all automotive workshops are the same, so it makes sense that all automotive workshop hoists should not be the same or extremely limited in design specifications.
Specific vehicle specialisations for automotive or body repair work require specific lifting capacities and design options to enhance productivity and workshop safety.
Burson Equipment says it provides Australian automotive workshops the opportunity to custom design their own hoists to best suit their specific automotive specialisation.
Burson Equipment says that together with the world’s leading hoist manufacturer, Rotary, it exclusively provides automotive repairers with the ability to customise their hoists using the vast number of options made available from the Rotary hoist and accessory range.
Australian automotive workshop owners can select a style of hoist, choose a height or length that best suits their requirements, select from an arm or frontal design, select a voltage, and consider the optional accessories that Rotary makes available.
Once these selections are made, or for assistance with making these selections to best suit any specific workshop, automotive repairers or collision repairers can contact a dedicated Burson Equipment Specialist by calling 1300 287 766 to organise their own custom designed Rotary hoist.

There are arm or ramp options, three overall height options (3628mm / 3873mm / 4178mm), three length options in closed front or open front design (4451mm / 5060mm / 5893mm), two voltage options (417V Three Phase / 240V Single Phase) traditional arm design or trio load arms, along with optional accessories including alignment kits, rolling jacks or the state-of-the-art Rotary Spotline and Locklight pack.
Burson Equipment also offers a brand-new Rotary four post hoist range with a complete built-in Alignment Kit, enhancing workshop productivity, accuracy and additional revenue earning capacity.
All Rotary hoists from Burson Equipment reportedly function to an industry best height of 2000mm, providing abundant under vehicle working space with single point operation.
Burson Equipment says these premium quality, customisable Rotary hoists feature high performance steel lifting cables and a range of optional accessories to best suit exacting repairer requirements.

To find out more, contact the Burson Equipment Team on 1300 287 766 or visit