High quality products from Burson Auto Parts

Burson Auto Parts has expanded the Australian company’s own brand of premium quality engine coolants.
The Burson coolant range has offered repairers high quality green and red coolant formulations for decades and in order to meet the specific requirements of several vehicle manufacturers.
There are a number of key objectives that well formulated engine coolants need to achieve. They must be highly effective at transferring heat, be able to prevent corrosion, cavitation and scale formulation, along with providing freeze protection if required.
In 2017 Burson added blue and pink Burson Long Life Coolant to the range to provide coverage for the specific chemistry and performance formulation requirements of late model Japanese and Korean manufactured vehicles meeting the ASTM D3306 and JIS K 2234-2006 Class II performance requirements set by the OEMs.
These formulations are often referred to as P-OAT which stands for Organic Additive Technology (OAT) with Phosphate Inhibitors.
The latest addition to the program is the violet coloured formulation. This meets the requirement of VW Group spec TL 774 J (G13) which is specified for most late model VAG vehicles.
This formulation is referred to as Si-OAT which stands for Organic Additive Technology (OAT) with low Silicate content.
Burson Auto Parts say the Burson program was the first aftermarket coolant program to include the Si-OAT violet product.
With more OEM specification around coolant than ever before, it is important to ensure the correct formulation is used.
The dye colour of the coolant is an indicator but doesn’t guarantee the correct spec and using the wrong formulation can lead to the premature failure of cooling system components.
To find the right coolant for the vehicle, Burson Auto Parts says there is no better resource for mechanics than Burson EzyParts.
The complete Burson coolant range now includes:
• Burson European Coolant (Violet)
• Burson Long Life Coolant (Blue and Pink)
• Burson Long Life Organic Coolant (Red)
• Burson Long Life Coolant (Green)
• Burson Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor (Green)

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