Diagnostic equipment is nothing new in our marketplace as we now approach 30 years of OBD2 standardisation

What is new though is the Electric Vehicle uptake and the expansion of technology in the heavy vehicle industry.
Burson Equipment says it is constantly monitoring the development in this area and attending training to stay ahead of its competitors.
“Our Equipment Specialists attend Training courses from every major diagnostic supplier. We travel as far as Europe to receive the latest up to date training and knowledge,” Burson Equipment General Manager, Peter Hewitt, said.
“Every Burson store nationwide has access to workshop equipment, so if your requirements are specific and you need help in understanding what equipment is best for you, simply speak to your local Burson store and they will arrange your very own Burson Equipment Specialist to visit your workshop at a convenient time.”
Burson Equipment further states that it is dedicated to aftersales in every manner, with a dedicated email address to serve its customers with software updates.
“This single point of contact – scantoolupdates@burson.com.au – is all you need for all software and update support and will respond to your request within a timely manner to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest software for your diagnostic equipment,” Peter explained.
“Burson Equipment keeps in stock all of the update codes for Autel, has direct access to the Jaltest website to reactivate your license, we have our own portal for the Launch Tech products, and we are in daily communication with Zenith and Autoland.”
When it comes to making purchasing decisions, Burson Equipment has some advice to offer.
“We understand that purchasing decisions can be overwhelming as to what tool will suit your business market. So here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on which tool will suit your needs,” Peter offered.
“Am I focusing on servicing only? Do I need to be able to carry out wheel servicing repairs, or work with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)? Do I need to include Key Programming? Is electrical diagnosis in my business, what about Oscilloscopes? Do we have a need for Electric Vehicle coverage? Are heavy vehicles in my business plan?
“These are just some of the questions you should discuss with your Burson Equipment specialists when choosing a tool or multiple tools to keep your business viable.”
When it comes to products, Burson Equipment is proud to put a variety of brands and products at your disposal.
Amongst the range are Launch Tech, Autel Intel, Jaltest, Zenith and Autoland products, plus more.
Launch Tech was one of the earliest aftermarket scan tool manufacturers to join the market.

“Launch Tech’s approach to tools is based on ‘add-on’ modules, meaning that your PAD V or PAD VII can be purchased as a comprehensive base unit that includes the J2534 VCI module, and from there you can purchase a Bluetooth TPMS Gun to expand your tool into TPMS programming,” Peter said.
“You can then further add the STD key reader or the XPROG programming module for total immobiliser coverage. The VSP600 will give you a 5.5mm bore scope, while a BST360 will give you 12-volt battery testing capability.
“And if you need oscilloscope functions, simply add the O2-2 scope box to your kit or a S2-2 wave form generator. If you need instant reports on paper, there is a portable WI-FI printer that you can keep at your work bay for convenience.
“You can also purchase the HD ‘Heavy Duty’ software to give truck coverage or add the EV software for Electric Vehicles and ADAS calibrating. All these different functionalities can be obtained from one tool.”
Autel Intel is one of the latest scan tool suppliers.
“With a huge range of different tools that are designed for specific needs, Autel Intel has quickly become popular,” Peter said.
“For servicing tools, if you are concentrating on fast turnaround in your work bay and vehicle servicing is your game, then you may want to place the MX900 or DS900 series of tools in every work bay.
“Both these models in the 900 series can be purchased with TPMS functionality if you also involve tyre servicing in your business.
“Any Autel tool with ‘TS’ at the end of the name denotes TPMS functions. The 900 series has all the vehicle servicing functions you could ever need, such as service light clearing, SAS resetting, ABS, DPF, Parking Brakes, injectors and so on. They also have the standard fault code functions for all modules.
“When it comes to advanced diagnostics, Autel Intel’s Ultra series of tools includes the MS909, MS919 and the MSUltra.
“The Ultra series, excluding the MS909, is equipped with the VCMI J2534 pass through which has the oscilloscope, wave form generator and multimeter built in, giving the ultimate in vehicle diagnosis and repair. The MSUltra also has a ‘split screen’ option to allow for dual functionality.
“When it comes to ADAS calibration, the MSUltra series works in synchrony with the Autel ADAS calibration frames, IA900WA, and the IA800 Advanced.
“Meanwhile, the MS906 series falls in between the 900 and Ultra series of tools. These are extremely cost-effective tools for every workshop, and the MS906 is also one of the tools available with TPMS functionality.
“Our Burson Equipment specialists are trained in the use and correct procedures of ADAS equipment and can advise you of what your workshop will need to move in to the current and exciting development of ADAS technology.”

Peter explains that Jaltest by Cojali is another range Burson Equipment offers, which he says is leading the world in aftermarket heavy duty diagnostic equipment.
“With one hundred percent in-house hardware, software, and research and development, Jaltest has quickly taken over the world with its dedication and passion, with loyal customer satisfaction worldwide,” Peter said.
“The Jaltest software includes module location, pinouts, wiring diagrams and Info Plus which is a step-by-step repair walkthrough guide.
“The software can also be expanded to include Agriculture, Earthmoving, Material Handling, and all aspects of the Marine industry.
“Jaltest is a PC-based program, meaning if you have a PC with great performance to accommodate such a powerful program, all you need to purchase is the Link Box hardware and cables.
“Burson Equipment can also provide the Panasonic Toughbook or Rugged Tablet to complement this tool.”
Burson Equipment says it is proud to position itself as a leading provider of diagnostic solutions with a focus on staying abreast of technological advancements.
“With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in OBD2 standardisation, we are dedicated to addressing the evolving needs of the automotive industry, especially with the rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and technology expansion in heavy vehicles,” Peter said.
“Burson Equipment stands out from the crowd by sending its equipment specialists for training globally, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest developments.
“Each Burson Equipment store nationwide provides access to workshop equipment, and customers can consult with specialists to determine the most suitable tools for their specific needs.
“Offering a comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions, prioritising customer support, training, and staying ahead in the dynamic automotive industry, Burson Equipment is ready to assist you with your workshop needs.”

For more information, visit www.bursonequipment.com.au