Millions of cars across Australia require battery replacement each year

Burson Auto Parts says many of its stores and trade customers have been experiencing a major increase in battery issues over the last year.  
It says this uptick in battery failures and replacement rates is directly linked to the major changes in private family vehicle and business vehicle usage during that period. This was combined with significantly reduced Taxi vehicle, ride share vehicle and both light and heavy-duty commercial vehicle use during 2020. 
The vast majority of vehicles on Australian roads today are also more electronically complex, meaning that traditional automotive batteries no longer suit most modern vehicle applications.  
In past decades there were five to ten automotive battery variants that technicians needed to select from to replace batteries in their customers’ cars. Fast forward to 2021 and Burson Auto Parts now offers its trade customers more than 50 different types of automotive batteries.
Immediate access to the most advanced battery solutions has never been more important for automotive repairers than it is today. Originally required to simply assist in starting a vehicle engine, now automotive batteries are also a central power hub for high-tech vehicle safety, control and entertainment systems.
Most modern cars are equipped with cameras, radar systems, anti-lock braking control systems, electric power steering, heating, ventilation / air conditioning along with ancillary systems, placing greater power demands on vehicle batteries than ever before. This makes the selection of the right battery for each vehicle critical to ensure the safe and reliable operation of all onboard systems, including stop/start technology.  
With this vast diversity in battery types and specific vehicle battery applications, it becomes tough for automotive repairers and service centres to have the right battery on hand whenever needed. Attempting to stock or have on consignment every battery that a modern workshop needs doesn’t support productivity or profitability. 
Together with Burson Auto Parts’ technology partner and fellow BAPCOR company, Federal Batteries, Burson Auto Parts says it has boosted its product range offer to create a holistic battery solution for repairers nationwide.
Burson Auto Parts says its almost 200 stores across Australia ensure prompt access for older “just maintain” vehicles all the way through to prestige, sports, start-stop and hybrid models, along with light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It says this broad battery range availability removes the need for large and often under-utilised, purchased or consignment-based battery stock holdings that take up valuable workshop space. 
The Burson Auto Parts battery range is said to be now so comprehensive that it covers 100 percent of the Australian vehicle car parc through premium quality brands including Century, ONmech, TECHCHG and VARTA.  
Federal Batteries has been powering Australian industry for over 30 years with proven products and detailed technical expertise. These two BAPCOR companies have joined forces to best support the trade through this exclusive battery supply partnership. 
From basic flooded batteries to advanced battery technologies such as AGM and EFB including OE options, Burson Auto Parts says it provides the right battery solution underpinned by exceptional service.
For stand-alone, multi-site or national workshops, 1,800 team members are at the ready through 195 nationwide Burson Auto Parts locations, to provide advice and organise the prompt delivery of battery orders using a fleet of 800 vehicles.
With over 30,000 parts orders delivered daily, Burson Auto Parts says dedicated customer service is assured when you select it as your battery destination.  

For more about the Burson Auto Parts battery range, call 1300 BURSON (1300 287 766).