The parts supplier now offers what Bendix calls “the ultimate” in 4WD Sports and Performance brakes

Burson Auto Parts says it offers the ever-growing 4WD repair and upgrading sector of the aftermarket a much wider choice of performance brake rotors with its latest offering, the recently launched Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance disc brake rotor range.
The addition of 4WD bar work, recovery gear and other accessories can quickly add hundreds of kilograms to a 4WD vehicle’s weight, closely reaching a vehicle’s maximum Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) once the driver and passengers are included. Extra weight on any vehicle directly translates to longer emergency stopping distances. Fitting larger tyres also adds to 4WD vehicle braking system demands.
As a general rule, if the tyre radius is increased by 10 percent, the amount of extra braking force needed to safely bring the vehicle to a halt will also be approximately 10 percent. The fitment of larger 4WD tyres also increases the level of rotating mass inertia, which also places more demand on 4WD braking systems.
Burson Auto Parts states the range of Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Disc Brake Rotors along with the perfectly suited Bendix Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Pad range, provides significantly increased 4WD braking capacity.
The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance Disc Brake Rotor range is available now from all Burson Auto Parts stores nationwide, offering 63 part numbers to suit more than 87 percent of 4WDs being driven on Australia’s roads.
These include 4WD models from Chevrolet, Ford, Holden, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, RAM, Toyota and VW.

To find out more about this new Burson Auto Parts 4WD product range, contact your local store by calling 1300 287 766.