The first of many new Bushranger products to launch in the coming months

Bushranger says its new REVO Vehicle Recovery Winch is packed with loads of features that have been engineered, designed and tested locally.
The winch marks a significant change to the Bushranger brand which states it has been supplying quality engineered products for over 40+ years in the Australian marketplace.
Bushranger says it is the first of many quality, engineered products to launch in the coming months.
Those behind the product say it is packed with many features including: high quality construction, low current draw, four stage oversized gearing with fast line speeds and an advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100 percent of the rated load with no slippage.
Bushranger says the zero drag braking system allows for fast no load line speeds, making unspooling the rope a breeze. No more pulling against the friction of traditional winch braking systems, it says, just use the power of the winch to do the unspooling for you with no concern of brake drag causing unnecessary wear and heat build-up.
Further, Bushranger says the fully sealed motor and gearbox (IP67 rated) gives maximum protection from water, dust and debris, meaning the winch is ready for anything you can throw at it.

The versatile design of the Bushranger REVO is said to maximise the ease of installation with 16 Gearbox clocking positions (resulting in 22.5 degree increments) and a multi-mount Control Box.
The wire version is supplied with a strong roller fairlead setup incorporating durable stainless steel rollers, whilst the synthetic version comes standard with the legendary two position aluminium hawse fairlead, which was an innovation first introduced by Bushranger, it states.
A wireless hand controller rounds out the premium synthetic version, allowing for reliable, no delay, cord free operation of the winch, giving you the freedom to manoeuvre around the vehicle without the limitations and tangles.
The Bushranger REVO has a limited lifetime mechanical warranty, and five-year electrical warranty. It is now available in store.

For more information, visit www.bushranger.com.au/revowinch