Your chance to own a business that is a part of Australia’s automotive heritage

Norman Wilson founded Norman Wilson Engineering Pty Ltd in 1977. He had many years’ experience in engine research, design and manufacture before joining Repco as Chief Engineer of the Repco-Brabham racing engine project. Norman was responsible for the successful completion of the famous 1966 620 three-litre, and the 1967 740 litre 3 litre engines which gave Sir Jack Brabham success in the World F1 championships. Norman was awarded the Prince Phillip prize for his work with the Repco-Brabham organisation.
Norman used his lifelong interest and knowledge of engines to create and maintain the Norman Wilson Engineering Pty Ltd business. In setting up the engine components business he did much research on the market’s needs and sourcing of appropriate stock.
This involved extensive engineering drawings and documenting the characteristics of the components of cylinder head gaskets, head bolts, valves and guides, lifters and rockers etc. Months of work went into an engineering-focused parts catalogue that runs for 270 pages.

Customers have found the catalogue to be an essential guide when ordering parts due to its detail. Importantly Norman’s knowledge and dedication earned him the respect of both the engine parts suppliers and the customers to whom he distributed components.
Norman Wilson Engineering Pty Ltd has a 30-year track record of importing and distributing top-quality engine components for European and Japanese cars. The company owns the business name European Automotive Components.
The company has a warehouse in an inner Melbourne suburb from which deliveries are made across Australia.
The decision has now been made by the estate to sell the business and this represents an excellent opportunity for an existing business to integrate the Norman Wilson Engineering Pty Ltd business or for a new entrant in the automotive engine components to do so.

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