Repco Authorised Service says: don’t ask why, ask when

In an increasingly complex, congested and often confusing marketplace, it’s not surprising that you may, as an independent workshop owner, find yourself asking: Why?
Why is my profit where it is? Why am I working long hours or weekends? Why can’t I get my team to work better? Why do I need digital marketing? And all the other Whys!
Repco Authorised Service says the answer is intrinsically linked to the ‘why’ you decided to be in business in the first place – such as having self-determining control of your life and career, wealth creation and legacy through succession planning.
But knowing your ‘why’ doesn’t necessarily solve the ‘how.’
So, what if you could access some specialist assistance to help you? Just like you access technical information to help you fix a car, what if you could readily tap into a pool of resources and support that provide proven solutions for better business outcomes?
“More than 500 workshops across the country have found their ‘how’ in Repco Authorised Service and our professional Business Support Solutions,” Repco Authorised Service National Manager, Peter Rogers, said.
“Joining our network in a branded or non-branded option, gives you the advantages of a membership driven, inclusive and supportive network, with the added backing of Repco and the global Genuine Parts Company (GPC).
“As a member, you’ll find a suite of functional services that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, in your time, all while you remain fiercely independent. With everything from effective people management and HR/IR solutions to workshop software and easy access technical info, workshop consumables, business training and market leading online marketing and advanced customer connectivity platforms.
“Importantly, you are assigned a dedicated Business Specialist who will guide you through our formal Business Improvement Process via planned and actioned based visits.
“Like a personal trainer, your specialist keeps your business fitness on track, working with you to set goals and connecting you with the right programs, experts, and resources to suit your circumstances.
“These industry specialists are highly experienced, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better support and business improvement guidance.
“And you’ll be surrounded by likeminded workshop owners who have the same wants and why’s that you do. They know that by banding together as a network, they have the ‘how’ to take their business journey further and faster, together.
“So, as you seek answers to your business ‘why’s’, perhaps the important question is WHEN. When could you start taking advantage of a network like Repco Authorised Service? You’ll find the answer to that at”

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