Thanks to the new TechPRO Digital ADAS 2.0 from Mahle Aftermarket

Mahle Aftermarket says it is speeding up the calibration of driver assistance systems with its new TechPRO Digital ADAS 2.0.
The new, fully automated device completes this operation in half the time of the previous model.
In addition, the tool now enables users to calibrate driving assistance systems of all common vehicle models.
This allows independent workshops to expand the services they can offer. The new generation of this popular product from Mahle will be available from mid-November.
“The feedback from our customers on TechPRO Digital ADAS has been extremely positive—after using it once, you’ll never want to go back to conventional calibration again,” Mahle Aftermarket Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager, Olaf Henning, said.
“With the new 2.0 generation, we are reducing the calibration time even further and helping workshops to save time.”
When performing a calibration, the preparation takes the most time: finding the right calibration panel, aligning the vehicle, and manually transferring the data to the diagnostic tool.
With the first generation of its TechPRO Digital ADAS, Mahle says it had already made the first two steps significantly faster than conventional systems by using digital calibration panels and laser-based system alignment. 
With this new generation of devices, all the technician has to do is attach the wheel clamps, place the digital calibration panel in front of the vehicle, and move the laser rangefinders into position, with TechPRO ADAS 2.0 taking care of the rest.
Mahle says it has developed new rangefinders that measure the distance between the vehicle and the calibration system and transmit it to the diagnostic tool via Bluetooth.
For the technician, this means no more reading or typing – saving time and preventing errors.
At the touch of a button, the intelligent system moves the calibration panel into the correct position in front of the camera or sensor fully automatically.
A special upgrade kit will be available for workshops that already use a TechPRO Digital ADAS unit.
Mahle Aftermarket also provides workshops with numerous video tutorials that offer detailed explanations of how to use the unit.
The Mahle TechPRO Digital ADAS unit is available in Australia from JAS Oceania.

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