The Bilstein Academy offers e-training courses that can be carried out independently

Since 2021, the Bilstein Academy has also been conducting its regular suspension training courses free of charge on the Internet.
The virtual classroom with live online courses and professional trainers has quickly become a popular alternative to in classroom teaching. To date, thousands have already taken part.
For the first time, the new training channel also reached garages that tend to shy away from conventional training because of the travel costs and the higher time expenditure, with Bilstein noting that many participants immediately took further courses.
The Bilstein Academy wanted to lower the hurdles even further with a third alternative and now offers free e-training courses that can be carried out autonomously.
General information on the Bilstein training programme can be found at
Although the live experience and the direct exchange with the trainers are missing, Bilstein says this format has other unbeatable advantages.
The learning units can be accessed around the clock and the time required is only 20 to 30 minutes. This ensures that the individual modules can be completed comfortably during work breaks, at home after work or even during a train journey.
To ensure that not only participants from the German region are addressed, the units are also available in English, and other languages will follow.
By doing this, the company also wants to reach workshops abroad with its training offer. This is particularly important when no Bilstein courses are available locally or if the time difference makes it difficult to take part in virtual live training courses.
In the e-trainings, suspension knowledge is conveyed in a compact manner using presentation slides and a question catalogue and then automatically tested using the learning objective test.
As at many universities, the tried-and-tested ILIAS learning platform is used, while the virtual live training courses use the vitero software, which is also popular in the university environment.
If the result is good, the participant receives a certificate directly after the e-training, which can be printed out.
There are public training sessions that any workshop employee can attend. In addition, there is a closed area for the train-the-trainer programme and customer-specific lessons.
The following generally accessible courses are available in English: Principles of suspension technology; Suspension test and damage diagnosis; Passive damping systems; Bilstein active systems; Bilstein products for series replacement; and Bilstein products for Performance.

For further information about the training, email the Bilstein Academy at