From Command Auto Group

Command Auto Group has a range of products for your car care needs.

Blizzard Wizzard Foam Cannon
The new Mothers Blizzard Wizzard is designed to deliver a powerhouse of suds over your vehicle to reduce the possibility of wash induced scratches.
The Command Auto Group explains that the Blizzard Wizzard is not just a pre-wash, as the included Mothers Triple Action Foam Wash dissolves and suspends dirt and contaminants from the surface ensuring your finish is protected from the possibility of marring, swirling or scratching the paint surface.
It is a perfect tool to complement your detailing efforts in pre-wash and/or touchless wash use, especially with heavy dirt and mud. The kit contains a Premium Foam Cannon with durable brass fittings; an adapter for top selling pressure washers (Karcher, Gerni, ¼” Quick Connect); a one litre dispenser bottle with precise volume markings; and a 473ml Mothers Triple Action Foam Wash.
The Command Auto Group recommends you use the Blizzard Wizzard with Mothers Triple Action Foam Wash (included) and other Mothers vehicle wash products.
It says the adjustable spray nozzle provides incredible accuracy for delivering the right ratio of air, wash and water; while the heavy duty container has been designed with a large base for maximum stability and volume measure markings on the side of the bottle make it easy to mix the optimal desired dilution.

Wax Attack Cordless Polisher and Kit
The Command Auto Group says the Wax Attack brand has made polish and wax detailing jobs easier and quicker for over 15 years.
Now, it says the detailing process has just become a whole lot better with the next generation Wax Attack Cordless, “the best cordless polish/waxing machine yet.”
It boasts a variable speed, featuring a random orbital action, 1000-5000 rpm; and is small and lightweight with the polisher weighting only 1kg, with great ergonomic design.
The Command Auto Group says it is great for use on paint, gel coat, fibreglass and more and perfect for applying rubbing compounds, polishes, glazes, sealants, waxes and Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating.
The Command Auto Group says the polisher provides a highly efficient and smooth polishing process due to its new state of the art motor. The fast charging 12V Lithium Battery ensures you have power when you need, with a battery charge indicator on the polisher (spare batteries sold separately). It says the European Foam Application Pad (two in Kit version) ensure the quality of your work.
The additional value of the Mothers Car Wash and Cleaner Wax, with MLH detailing pack included in the Wax Attack Cordless Kit, reportedly provides a great solution for the detailing enthusiast.

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