Introducing a new Australia-wide network of Trusted Master Workshops

A new online platform designed to connect discerning car owners with a national network of independent workshops they can trust has been launched.
Unlike traditional booking sites which can often be more like a business directory, MotorActive – the company behind CarMechanica – says CarMechanica’s endorsed workshops all meet a high standard of competency and customer satisfaction.
By weeding out general, run-of-the-mill workshops, CarMechanica says its users are assured of finding a trusted master workshop near them.
To cater to more of the park and to appeal to the growing number of motorists disheartened by the whole dealership experience, CarMechanica incorporates two additional filtering options: EuroMechanica and GTMechanica.
Originally launched in 2017, EuroMechanica has reportedly been the home of highly-skilled, expert technicians specialising in European vehicles. Those behind the concept say this straightforward premise has seen EuroMechanica grow into Australia’s largest network of European Specialists.
GTMechanica is for workshops who live, eat and breathe serious performance. It is said to be where enthusiasts can find knowledgeable workshops and experts in aftermarket exhaust, suspension, brake and engine upgrades through to prepping cars for track days, right up to national-level competition.
“In combination, CarMechanica, EuroMechanica and GTMechanica have made finding the best easier than ever,” MotorActive Managing Director, Bruce Morrison, said.
“This is a massive advantage when you consider there are 30,000 mechanical workshops listed in Australia; making trying to create a genuine point of difference and get noticed within this large and fragmented group near impossible.
“Typically, it descends into a lose-lose price war along with a lot of Google scrolling and uncertainty for customers. CarMechanica sidesteps this, offering a convenient, credible, and trustworthy alternative – ie you!
“CarMechanica’s all-in-one approach incorporates an integrated booking system (benchmarked against best practice), trust-building marketing program, digital presence, plus national exposure through sponsorship and personalities.
“Think your workshop has what it takes to be a CarMechanica, EuroMechanica or GTMechanica endorsed workshop? Are you ready to boost your presence and simplify your day to day tasks, so you can focus on what you do best? Then head to”

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