Carole was Dayco Australia’s longest serving customer service representative, spending almost three decades with the company

Carole Noon’s career with Dayco Australia commenced 27 years ago when she was offered a part time customer service position by a friend, when the company was known as MarkIV Automotive. It wasn’t long before she became a full-time member of the Melbourne based Dayco customer service team.
Carole loved her job, the people she worked with and the daily interaction with customers from the very beginning. Of special note is the fact that Carole’s dedication and mindset has not changed all these years later.
Such was her dedication to ensuring the best possible customer service, Carole established several long term customer relationships that would extend across her entire Dayco customer service career.
“Some of the comments that Dayco customers have made upon finding out that I was retiring have brought me to tears,” Carole said.
“One customer mentioned that when he first dealt with me at Dayco he remembered that my son had just started high school. Now my son is 40 years old with a family of his own. That really brought home how the years have flown by and how enduring my Dayco customer relationships have been.”
Of all the many changes that have taken place over the past three decades, Carole says the biggest impact on her career was when Dayco entered the online/digital age.
“The real game changer for the customer service team was the introduction of the Dayco website, online catalogue and especially the electronic ordering system. We led the industry with our online access, making us even more efficient, providing an even better customer service experience,” Carole said.
“It was also great to finally say goodbye to manually keying in stock orders!”
Carole Noon has also worked across several senior management changes at Dayco Australia during her long career, with the customer service team remaining a constant source of support and friendship throughout her tenure.
“My customer service team and several of the long-term staff at Dayco truly became my second family. We got through a lot together over the years and genuinely supported each other. This made it a great place to work,” Carole said.
“This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the company ensuring that we were completely safe, I was able to get out of the house, go to work and support our customers’ businesses during those very difficult couple of years.”
Carole has several great things to look forward to in her retirement, the first will see her join her already retired husband Ray, two adult children and her grandchildren on an entire family trip to Bali in July.
Carole also plans to stay active by helping primary school children with reading and assisting teachers at her grand children’s schools. She is looking forward to helping children during their vitally important formative years of learning.
“There is no doubt that I will miss working at Dayco mainly because of all the long term friendships that I have made during my long career there. I have absolutely loved my job from the day I started,” Carole said.
“It makes me emotional when I think about not being with ‘my girls’ every day, but I have told them that if they ever need my help, I’m more than happy to assist.”
According to Dayco Australia Managing Director Arnold Mouw, Carole Noon has left an indelible mark on the company and its trade customers over almost three decades.
“Carole has endeared herself to everyone at Dayco Australia over her long and highly successful career,” Anthony said.
“Carole is held in the highest regard by our staff along with our customers due to her genuine passion for her job and her ‘can do’ attitude.
“Carole will be greatly missed, and we are very grateful for her dedication to Dayco Australia across the past 27 years. We wish her many years of joy in the years ahead with her family and many friends.”

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