With Old Man Emu’s new 200 Series Stage 2 GVM Upgrade

When you are planning a trip, the who and the where is often front of mind. But ARB asks, have you considered the how?
Adding additional weight to a vehicle could impact the comfort, steering and braking of the car.
When touring, whether it be long-term or a weekend trip, it’s important to be able to pack whatever you need so nothing gets left behind.
For those planning to purchase a new LandCruiser 200 but wondering how to stay within the constraints of the GVM, ARB explains that Old Man Emu has just released a new 4,015kg Stage 2 GVM upgrade.
The 200 Series LandCruiser is a large, powerful passenger wagon with extremely good off road and touring capabilities, frequently used for long distance touring and heavy duty towing duties.
With a noticeably large front to rear rake from the factory, and a wide breadth of ability, OME engineers focussed on providing multiple ride height options to suit a variety of uses, as well as increasing load carrying capability and improving control and handling.

A large range of springs, struts and shocks have been developed to address the large rake, provide numerous ride height options and cater for a range of vehicle setups and engine variants. To further fine tune front ride heights, a trim packer has also been developed.
Two stages of GVM upgrade are available for the 200 Series LandCruiser: stage one features a 300kg increase and stage two has a 665kg increase over factory GVM.*
Old Man Emu suspension kits for the 200 Series LandCruiser are reportedly suitable for all model variants.
Available now, ARB says 200 Series owners should talk to their local ARB store or stockist to find the solution that is right for them.

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*Please note: Old Man Emu GVM upgrades are only available on new and unregistered vehicles. Already registered vehicles fall under the jurisdiction of their state authorities. The need for GVM upgrades post-registration should be discussed with your local ARB State Office, as regulations differ between states and other requirements may be imposed locally.