Affected vehicles: Audi A3, A4, A6 2008 – 2013

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Symptoms Provided:
1. Air conditioning does not work
2. Local data bus fault
3. Possible battery drain
4. Non-start

Affected Vehicles
Audi A3 (2008 – 2013), Audi A4 (2008 – 2013) and Audi A6 (2008 – 2013)

Faults codes presented
• 256 refrigerant pressure sensor/temperature sensor G395 (08) A/C electronics
• 3278 function impairment due to missing message (09) Central electrics ECU

Additional Information:
Faults in central electrics (09) ‘sender for refrigerant pressure/temperature – implausible signal’ and Air conditioning (08) restricted function because of error value – no signal/communication.

Cause identification
In most cases the refrigerant pressure/temperature sensor G395/G805 is faulty, but in some cases there is a wiring issue with the LIN (signal feedback) wire which breaks/corrodes in the loom on near the inner front wheel arch.

Repair steps provided by Autologic’s OEM-Trained Master Technician
1. If the pressure sensor G395 has been replaced already and faults are still present, check part number of sensor and software of A/C electronics. If a part number 4H0 959 126 is fitted and a software level/version 050 is present, the A/C control unit will require an update to level/version 060
2. Find the air conditioning pressure sensor which is found attached to the side of the condensor behind the front grille. The three pin connector will consist of a Power (battery voltage), an earth and a signal (LIN). This can only be accurately tested with an oscilloscope. If the power and earth are ok, try to plug in a substitute sensor, or new. Make sure the faults disappear and pressure reading comes back in live data.
3. If there is still a fault then there will be a wiring fault with the LIN bus wire.
Tools Required Multi Meter
Parts Required G395/G805 A/C pressure/Temperature sensor

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