Particulate contamination of engine lubricating oil is a major cause of turbocharger failure

The turbocharger oil supply line is a common place for particulate contamination to build up. In normal vehicle operation the metal oil supply lines are subject to heat transmitted via conduction from both the turbocharger bearing housing and the engine itself.
Every time the engine is stopped and the oil inside the line stops flowing, the stationary residual oil is subjected to the transmitted heat and a small proportion of that stationary oil cokes and adheres to the inside of the metal line, particularly wherever there is a bend in the metal line.
Built up coked oil material is extremely abrasive and will cause significant damage to the hydrostatic oil film supported bronze journal bush (bearing) and the main shaft of the turbocharger.
Most turbocharger oil supply lines have an internal diameter of 4mm. Cateran says it is impossible to be certain that these lines are internally clean through the use of normal cleaning solvents and compressed air and should therefore be replaced whenever the turbocharger is replaced.
Cateran explains that it offers a range of premium Oil Line Kits that cover the most popular turbo diesel 4×4, SUV and LCV applications, including Toyota Landcruiser, Hilux, Prado and HiAce, Nissan Patrol and Navara, Mitsubishi Pajero and Triton, Holden Colorado and Captiva, Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger and Hyundai iLoad.

Key features and benefits:
• Meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance.
• Designed for maximum oil flow.
• OEM Quality fitment.
• Full SS304L annealed, low carbon, stainless steel material composition, including flanges, which Cateran says is superior to the plated steel used for OEM oil lines.
• Cost effective, compared to the OEM equivalent, particularly when the quality of material is taken into account.

Cateran says its oil line kits, together with its premium turbochargers, intercooler hose kits, gasket kits and fastener kits are covered by an industry leading three-year/100,000km warranty for complete peace of mind.  
Cateran offers complimentary product and technical support. Pre-installation, installation and post-installation support is offered via its national Technical Support Hotline: 1300 176 071. 
Cateran’s range of premium quality new replacement turbochargers, gasket kits, fastener kits and oil line kits are all available through Repco, NAPA Auto Parts and Motospecs.
Coming soon is the release of Cateran Replacement Intercoolers, which are expected to be launched in 2022.

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