Century says the new monitor helps your customers to avoid a breakdown

Would you like to help your customers keep a closer eye on their batteries? Century Batteries says its new BM12V Battery Monitor takes the guess work out of battery monitoring by providing users with a live view of how their vehicle’s battery is performing at any given moment.
More importantly, Century says it will also warn them of an impending battery failure – giving them a chance to return to your workshop for battery replacement, instead of being left stranded by the roadside.
Backed by a two-year warranty and suitable for use on all 12V flooded, AGM and GEL lead-acid batteries, the Century BM12V battery monitor can be offered as a convenient upsell with any new battery purchase.
Century says it is easy to install, and can be used to monitor the performance of starting batteries in cars, 4x4s, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and boats. It is also said to be ideal for monitoring the state-of-charge and power usage in Deep Cycle applications like campers and caravans.
Century’s BM12V Battery Monitor uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your phone, via a free-to-download iOS and Android app. The BM12V will automatically sync with your mobile device and provide a live view of the battery’s state of charge, along with cranking test results every time the vehicle is started. It can also test the vehicle’s charging system and notifies the user of any potential issues that may affect battery life.
The IP65 rating means the unit is dust tight and protected against water ingress, making it ideal for under-bonnet applications where dust and water splashes are commonplace. A connection range of up to 10-metres also means the monitor can be installed in hard-to-reach areas within the vehicle.
With an RRP of $59.95, Century says its BM12V Battery Monitor is competitively priced and ideal to offer as an up-sell with any new battery sale.
Century says that by giving customers the power to monitor their batteries directly, it will also help build trust with the product and your business, increasing the chances that they’ll return in the future when the battery is due for replacement.
Century Batteries has been designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928 and says that for more than 90 years, it has continuously worked to deliver a range of products better suited to Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions.

For more information on Century’s BM12V Battery Monitor, visit www.centurybatteries.com.au or contact your Century Batteries Specialist on 1300 362 287.