In the competitive world of motor vehicle batteries, one name is often said to be synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability: Century Yuasa Batteries

Century Yuasa Batteries is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928.
“Our reputation for quality and innovation has been refined and demonstrated over many decades,” Century Yuasa Batteries Marketing Manager – Automotive, Andrew Bottoms said.
“In this time we have developed the manufacturing expertise and technical know-how to develop a range of batteries better suited to Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions.
“Our philosophy is about more than just supplying market leading products, we are a complete power solutions specialist. We invest heavily in programs and initiatives to help grow your battery business and ensure you are ideally positioned to meet the demands of the changing marketplace.”
When it comes to why you should consider partnering with Century Yuasa Batteries, Andrew says there is a host of reasons.

Australian Made since 1928
Originally founded in 1928, Century Yuasa says it has grown to become the undisputed market leader in the Australian Automotive battery market.
“With more than 600 employees across Australia and New Zealand, 46 distribution centres and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Century Yuasa delivers the very best in stored energy solutions to over 7000 resellers throughout Australia,” Andrew said.
In addition, each battery has been especially designed to satisfy the extreme demands of Australia’s climate and conditions.

Innovation and technology
“Century Yuasa invests significantly in research, development and our manufacturing facility to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the marketplace and the next generation of vehicles,” Andrew explained.
A recent investment of more than $3 million has been spent on our Queensland manufacturing facility, with a further $6 million investment to further enhance our manufacturing and technical facilities by 2020.

Extensive product range and market leading brands
As vehicles become increasingly more complex, incorporating advanced electronics and engine management systems, the needs of the marketplace are ever-changing.
Thanks to its investment into research and development, Century Yuasa says it product range continues to meet these changing requirements.
“Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products, designed to satisfy the demands of Australia’s changing car parc,” Andrew said.
“We pride ourselves on providing our customers with one of the widest selections of products available, which continue to set new standards in performance whilst delivering what motorists really want: longer life and superior performance.”
As the Century brand name continues to be the most widely recognised battery brand in the marketplace, it is also further complemented with some of the world’s leading battery brands including Yuasa and GS Yuasa, says Andrew.

Locally placed products and battery specialists
Century Yuasa has the largest battery distribution network in Australia with regional agents, metro distribution centres and state offices strategically located across Australia, ensuring access to locally held products and battery experts.
Century Yuasa has the largest battery distribution network in Australia with regional agents, metro distribution centres and state offices strategically located across Australia, ensuring access to locally held products and battery experts.

Online training program
Century Yuasa provides its partners with access to a comprehensive online battery training program. Regularly updated with the latest battery technology, the training program ensures your workshop is powered with the most up-to-date information and skills when it comes to batteries.

Battery Finder
The Century Batteries website includes a leading interactive battery finder, which pulls information from a large vehicle database, and is designed to efficiently respond to the rapidly changing marketplace demands.
The battery finder covers all applications, including car, bus, truck, commercial, heavy equipment, motorcycle, powersports and marine, helping you identify the correct battery required for a specific vehicle.

Managed battery testing program
Century says its extensive range of battery testing and diagnostic equipment eliminates the guess work when it comes to battery testing.
“The equipment can deliver an on the spot diagnosis of the battery’s state of health and this can lead to increased sales through pre-emptive replacement,” Andrew explained.

National recycling program
“At Century Yuasa we are committed to environmental sustainability and believe all scrap batteries should be recycled responsibly,” Andrew said.
“Our National Battery Recycling Program provides customer credit for all used batteries collected, and is designed to assist with the storage and collection of used batteries.”

Marketing activities
Century Yuasa invests significantly in building brand awareness through advertising, sponsorship and promotions. The latest initiative has seen Century Batteries partner with Supercars to become the official battery of the Supercars and securing naming rights of the Century Batteries Ipswich SuperSprint.
“Through these activities, Century Batteries has remained the most recognised battery brand in the Australian marketplace,” Andrew said.

For more information on Century Yuasa’s extensive range of products and to understand how your business could benefit from becoming a stockist, contact your local Century Yuasa representative on 1300 362 287.