Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic family expands

With its super-easy ‘spray, rinse, dry and you’re done’ application, combined with protection and durability beyond conventional waxes, Meguiar’s says its Hybrid Ceramic Wax turned the car care industry on its head in 2019.
Until then, it says the long-lasting protective qualities of ceramic had been the domain of select professional detailers – with pricing to match. However, with it’s sophisticated SiO2 chemistry and simple spray format, Meguiar’s says its Hybrid Ceramic Wax “made ceramic easy.”
Now Meguiar’s is expanding the hybrid ceramic family with Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax and Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Detailer.
Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax reportedly takes the same cutting-edge, SiO2 hybrid technology, while delivering long-lasting protective qualities via a familiar, easy-to-use liquid formula. Simply wipe on a thin amount, let it cure for three to five minutes, and then wipe off.
No excessive rubbing, tricky application procedures or precise curing and removal requirements are needed while you still get the same protective, water beading layer which lasts months, not weeks.
Meguiar’s says it “invented the ‘spray detailer’ category back in 1981” with the launch of Trigger Wash.
Now, it says the Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Detailer takes this concept to a new level by combining the non-scratch cleaning of Meguiar’s spray detailers with Hybrid Ceramic Wax to gently and quickly remove light dust and contaminants while leaving behind a layer of hybrid ceramic protection that beads water “like crazy.”

For more information, visit www.meguiars.com.au