Transmissions, including the transmission oil, are subject to wear and tear

In order to optimise service life and performance, ZF Aftermarket recommends regular checks, and where necessary, regular transmission oil changes too.
The cycles for transmission oil changes depend on the design of the transmission itself, and its configuration within the vehicle.
For example, in operating conditions with high temperatures and loads, or when a vehicle’s usage is unknown, ZF recommends changing the transmission oil at shorter intervals. In case of doubt, the service instructions of the vehicle manufacturer must be observed.
ZF transmissions are generally designed for
an average vehicle service life, as is the
transmission oil.
ZF says its automatic transmissions are filled maintenance-free with specially developed partially synthetic ATF oils; however, due to the many factors that can influence the service life of transmissions in individual operation, ZF recommends – when using ZF LifeguardFluid – an oil change after 150,000 kilometres (at the latest) for its transmissions.

ZF LifeguardFluid
If a transmission oil change is required, ZF recommends workshops use ZFLifeguardFluid oil and oil change kits.
As ZF manufactures both transmissions and transmission oils, it says it understands how the two work together and customises oils specifically to the transmission’s requirements.
ZF LifeguardFluid is a premium grade lubricant that headlines the ZF Aftermarket range of transmission oils.
ZF LifeguardFluid has been developed to deliver maximum transmission performance so that passengers enjoy smoother gearshifts and the vehicle enjoys optimised fuel economy and reduced wear on components, thus decreasing maintenance and operating costs.
ZF Aftermarket explains that it additionally markets a range of premium quality oils suited to the broad spectrum of vehicles on our roads.
These specialised ZF Aftermarket transmission lubricants contain a matched combination of high-quality base oils and special additives, which delivers excellent lubrication and friction properties even under the most extreme of operating conditions.
ZF LifeguardFluid oils are available for four, five, six, seven, eight and nine speed applications in a variety of sizes, depending on the application.

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