Rowe says its extensive range of diff oils has you covered

With terms like ‘Filled for Life’, combined with a general lack of drain/fill plugs on rear-wheel-drive (RWD) differential housings, it’s not uncommon for service technicians to overlook the need to periodically change the diff oil in RWD vehicles.
While it is true, the service interval is typically quite long – it’s still well short of forever.
Rowe says it always recommends consulting the service manual for the proper change intervals and cautions you to keep in mind the factory recommendation will be for normal driving.
If the vehicle is driven hard, used for heavy towing, or racing, then the recommended change interval needs to be shortened.
It should also be shortened if the differential becomes occasionally submerged (for example, when launching a boat), routinely driven on snow-covered roads, or is in an off-road enthusiast’s vehicle that encounters rough or wet terrain.
If information on the recommended service interval is unavailable, or the vehicle is well past the factory’s milage/age references, Rowe says a good rule of thumb is fresh oil every 40,000 to 50,000km.

Rowe explains that it offers several mineral and fully synthetic gear oils suitable for hypoid differentials – along with many traditional manual transmissions.
These include the Hightec Hypoid EP 75W-140 S-LS (fully synthetic), Hypoid EP 85W-90 (mineral based) and Hightec Hypoid EP 85W-90 (also mineral based). The Hightec Topgear 75W-90 S and 75W-90 HC are also both fully synthetic.
Rowe explains that this extensive range covers regular differentials, as well as units equipped with a limited slip or traction-sensing centre.
It states that all Rowe hypoid gear lubricants provide optimum wear protection and feature select additives designed to promote fault-free operation.
Along with the range of extreme-pressure hypoid gear oils, Rowe says it also offers an extensive range of premium-quality, specialist driveline lubricants – all of which are 100 percent made in Germany.

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