Narva has added new charge and sync cables to its range of phone and portable device power accessories

The new cables are designed to reduce clutter and provide convenience to those with multiple devices, by combining the functionality of multiple connectors into a single cable.
A dual-faced, USB to Lighting and Micro USB cable (P/No. 81070BL) allows users the flexibility of powering, charging or syncing devices that utilise either connection type.
Large symbols on each side of the two-in-one connector allow the user to identify which way it should be facing when plugged in and the one metre cable offers up to two Amp charging and sync functionality in its sleek and durable, black aluminium housing.
A very short, dual-faced cable is available as a keyring (P/No. 81073BL), ensuring users always have a charge cable handy.
Also joining the range is a one metre USB to USB Type-C charge and sync cable (P/No. 81071BL) to meet the needs of many modern devices, where Type-C is fast becoming the standard choice of phone and tablet manufacturers. It features a slim black aluminium housing and three Amp charging with 480Mb/S data transfer speeds.
Topping out the range is Part No. 81072, a one metre universal three-in-one charge and sync cable that offers the complete flexibility of three connector types in a single cable. Heavy-duty metallic connectors feature a clever slide-on, slide-off mechanism that incorporates USB Type-C and dual-faced Lightning. Micro USB connections are on one end, with USB and USB Type-C connections housed at the other. The shoelace style, anti-tangle cable offers power output of up to 1.5 Amps.
The new cables are available from approximately $15.00.

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