BC Battery Controller manufacturers professional battery chargers and maintainers, jump starters and boosters

Following positive feedback received at last year’s AAA Expo, BC Battery Controller says it is glad to announce the opening of its Asia Pacific branch and also a warehouse in Tullamarine (Victoria).
Distributed in more than 40 countries, BC Battery Controller says its products are among the safest and most advanced on the market and are suited for both motorbikes and four wheel vehicles, including the heavy ones.
BC Battery Controller says its chargers and maintainers are designed for the optimal maintenance of every type of Lithium and Lead-Acid Batteries (traditional, MF, Gel, AGM, EFB, VRLA or Calcium-Calcium, 6V, 12V or 24V) including advanced functions of recovery and desulfation from as low as 1.25V.
BC products are 100 percent made in Italy and every battery charger is covered by warranties of three to five years.
One of the top selling BC products is the BC SMART 2000+: a two Amp battery charger and maintainer suitable for charging 12V lead acid batteries for motorcycles, scooters and cars up to 100 Ah.
BC Battery Controller says not only is the state-of-the-art eight-steps charging algorithm perfect for charging and maintenance, but it also delivers great performances in terms of deeply discharged battery recovery from 1.25V, delivering “an unbeaten value on the market.”
It explains the charger can remain always connected to the vehicle’s battery, just like all battery chargers in the BC Battery Controller range. A LED bar shows the battery state of charge and will also inform if the battery is unable to retain the charge.
For heavier vehicles BC Battery Controller says its BC 9000 EVO+ has made a breakthrough in the field of battery charging by being the only digital, multi-stage and multi-program battery charger and tester with a maximum charging current of nine Amp.
The BC 9000 EVO+ works in two different modes: battery charging and battery/alternator testing.
BC Battery Controller says that the battery charging mode gives the user full versatility, thanks to three distinct charging programs: ‘Car,’ ‘Start&Stop’ and ‘Bike.’ BC Battery Controller says it will deliver full charge to all kind of lead-acid batteries from 1 Ah to 200 Ah, including traditional, sealed and calcium batteries.
In the jump starters’ range, BC Battery Controller says its BC BOOSTER K10000 PRO is a professional jump starter for all 12V vehicles and for 24V vehicles up to 12.000cc, with a peak current of 1.000 Amp and a latest generation lithium battery.
Portable and compact (1.2 Kg), it can execute up to 40 jumpstarts (for 12V batteries) with a single charge. Moreover, it works as a 30.000 mAh powerbank, with two USB outputs (5V, 2.1A + 1A) for charging electronic devices and an embedded 12V 10A socket.
BC also manufactures lithium superlight starting batteries for motorbikes; branded BC Lithium Batteries; and it has been recently awarded for the best product in this category in Germany by an independent committee.
BC Battery Controller says it is also the official supplier of some of the most prestigious automotive makers and the technical sponsor of more than 20 motorbike racing teams.

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