With Hulk Professional Series DC-DC Battery Chargers

A modern 4WD’s alternator is not designed to fully charge auxiliary batteries.
An insufficient charge can cause sulphation, resulting in shorter battery life and impaired performance of the vehicle’s battery.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the answer to this is the Hulk Professional Series DC-DC Battery Chargers, which it states are “some of the most powerful and reliable units on the market.”
Available in either 25 or 40 Amp with a 12V output, CoolDrive Auto Parts says they are engineered to operate in the toughest conditions Australia provides, whether mounted under the bonnet or elsewhere.
The units can charge auxiliary batteries to their optimum levels whilst driving, and can accommodate optional solar power.
Fully automatic with a unique seven-stage charging algorithm, the Hulk Professional Series DC-DC battery chargers reportedly ensure that the batteries are charged to 100 percent, irrespective of size or type.
With reverse polarity protection and a built-in battery isolator, the Hulk DC-DC Battery Chargers are also sealed against dust and water ingress and are safe to operate in temperatures from -20°C to 85°C.
Remote LCD displays, terminal blocks, mounting brackets, and more are available in the Hulk 4X4 range available through CoolDrive Auto Parts.

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