A six-week radio campaign is underway now, spreading the truth about new car servicing

In support of the AAAA’s formal response to the ACCC Preliminary Report into New Car Retailing, a number of AAAA/ARCA members have contributed towards a six-week national radio campaign.
The campaign is airing now and will run throughout September and October.
The timing of this activity provides important support for the AAAA’s advocacy efforts during the critical final phases of the ACCC study.
The campaign, which features the AAAA’s recently produced Choice of Repairer Radio Advert, will run throughout Croc Media’s extensive metropolitan and regional sports syndicate network during the AFL and NRL finals period.

The advertisement reads as follows:

Lady: I will be a little late tomorrow boss, I’ve got to take my car to the dealership to get serviced.
Man: Why go there when we have a great local mechanic?
Lady: But won’t I lose my warranty?
Man: No, people think that if their car is under warranty, you have to use the dealer, but you don’t!
Lady: Really?
Man: The ACCC says that if you get your car serviced by qualified mechanics, you continue to have consumer rights. You have a choice, as long as they use qualified staff, and fit-for-purpose parts.
Lady: Are you sure?
Man: Yes…check with the ACCC or google ‘choice of repairer’, it is your choice.
Lady: Well I guess I am not going to be late tomorrow!

This initiative further demonstrates how the industry is working together to support the COR campaign and the AAAA applauds the contributing companies who funded the advertising, namely; KTAS, RAS, Future Auto, Ultra Tune, Burson, Repco, Capricorn and Ryco.

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