Exedy Australia says it is globally known for providing the broadest range of performance clutches

In response to the growing popularity of bolt-on performance modifications, an extensive range of performance clutch kits are available in the market.
To shed some light on selecting the correct performance clutch, Exedy says some key considerations can steer you in the right direction.
Whether your customer is looking to hit the open road in a vehicle with performance upgrades, or if you are dealing with an amateur drift, circuit, rally or drag racing driver, having a full understanding of each customer’s situation plays a key role.
Exedy says you should take into account the following considerations to ensure they get the right clutch for the application.
• What vehicle does the customer have? You need to know manufacturer’s exact model, model year, engine size and code, upgrades or alterations.
• How much torque does the vehicle make? If the torque output is unknown, investigate on vehicle modifications. Knowing the baseline torque output and basic research on how each additional performance component has affected engine torque will help you figure out the estimated total torque output.
• What type of driving is the customer going to be doing? Street driving, street/strip/weekend racer or dedicated race car, serious four-wheel driving, towing a large boat or caravan?
Once you know these basics, Exedy says you can recommend the right Exedy clutch-type. It explains the options from Exedy as follows:
• Exedy Sports Tuff (HD) – a great option for the “street driver”. A very smooth engaging clutch that drives similar to the OEM unit, but capable of handling moderate levels of modifications.
• Exedy (SO)(SC)(RC) Cerametallic and Sports Organic disc with sprung hub centre section – an excellent choice for the “street/strip/weekend racer.” It handles moderate to aggressive levels of modifications and offers a very consistent operation whether being raced or daily driven.
• Exedy Hyper Cerametallic disc with sprung hub centre section – Exedy says this is the right choice for the “dedicated race car” or very highly modified vehicles. It offers a very consistent operation; however, chatter and driveline vibrations may be experienced due to the upgraded disc damper and performance ceramic friction material.
• Exedy Safari Tuff – ideal for 4X4 enthusiasts. Purposely engineered to meet the demands of serious four-wheel driving, it comprises a cover assembly which boasts a minimum 25 percent increase in clamp load in comparison to standard. Made of a high-quality clutch disc which has upgraded damper springs and premium grade friction materials.
• The Devil Clutch kit – designed to handle significantly higher torque loads whilst maintaining smooth engagement and low pedal effort. It is limited to a handful of popular vehicles where a requirement for a specialised clutch system exists.
Exedy Australia says it is globally known for providing the broadest range of performance clutches.
It says the Exedy Sports Tuff range is the first port of call for those drivers looking to upgrade clutch performance, offering a range that stands up best to the toughest challenges while delivering the best driving experience.

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