New product now available through Motorsport Brakes

CIRCO’s MF1200+ Racing Brake Fluid has been specially formulated in the UK to provide the highest performance under racing conditions where braking systems must operate at extremely high temperatures, making it suitable for all top levels of motorsport from GT3, NASCAR and WRC down to performance production cars. 
“CIRCO Brake pads have been winning races for years, including this year’s Bathurst Six Hour and are the control brake pad supplier for categories such as TA2 Australia and the RX8 Cup,” Motorsport Brakes Director, Marty Beckton, said.
“With the new release of the MF1200+ Racing Brake Fluid, we can ensure competitors have a fluid as capable as their brake pads.
“The best part about this fluid being Dot4 is it is interchangeable with almost every brake fluid used in performance street vehicles too. So, whether you use your car on the street, track days, racing or rallying, this fluid works perfectly.”
MF1200+ has advanced moisture resistance properties and low levels of viscosity for rapid actuation of all the brake system components due to how readily the fluid flows from the master cylinders, through the brake lines, into the ABS modulator (if equipped), and throughout the brake calipers, as well as low levels of compressibility.
It is not aggressive on seals and offers a High Lubricity resulting in less wear of the brake system’s moving parts.
MF1200+ conforms to and exceeds the current specification U.S. FMVSS No.116 DOT 4 and is street legal in every country including the USA and Canada. Its typical dry boiling point is 328°C (623°F) and its typical wet boiling point is 204°C (399 °F). 
Motorsport Brakes is a supplier of premium brake friction products to the Australian and NZ performance and competition markets.
All Australian distribution of CIRCO products is warehoused at the MSB base in Yatala, Queensland. The business operates inventory management software which allows for B2B access by Trade and Wholesale partners for all stock and ‘overnight’ purchases.

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