Designed especially for motorsport use

“World class” racing brake pad brand, Circo Racing Brake Pads, is distributed by Motorsport Brakes (MSB) in Australia.
MSB explains it acts on behalf of Circo in all racing category supply including for V8 Supercars, the Australian Rally Championship, TA2 Muscle Cars, Touring Car Masters, the RX8 Cup Racing Series and more.
“Circo pads are 100 percent manufactured in Japan to world class standards,” Motorsport Brakes Director, Marty Beckton, said.
Circo Racing Brake Pads feature proprietary compounds designed for specific applications and standards. The compound range is broad and covers all types of competition.

Compounds on offer include:
• Circo S83 (friction range 0.30-0.38µ; temp range 0-600°c): this low-metallic compound is designed for rear applications for circuit use where lower friction braking is required for stability. MSB explains this pad tapers off at higher temps and has very good pad wear and disc wear properties.
• Circo S88 (friction range 0.30-0.38µ; temp range 0-650°c): these brake pads feature a low-steel carbon-based compound and are suitable for heavy duty, performance and light enthusiast track day use. MSB says the low steel properties make this pad popular for those looking to upgrade to exceptional performance without compromising on too much comfort.
• M119 (friction range 0.48-0.51µ; temp range 50-800°c): this carbon-metallic compound brake pad has been specially formulated for gravel and tarmac rally use, as well as circuit racing where low temperature performance is required. MSB explains the compound has been rigorously tested in top level machinery including WRC, S2000 and GpN as well as in historics. It says M119 displays excellent resistance to fade for those longer stages and races, whilst offering brilliant levels of low temperature friction.
• M207 (friction range 0.45-0.56µ; temp range 250-920°c): this is the heavy-duty brake pad in the Circo range. MSB says this carbon metallic pad has exceptionally consistent torque characteristics at all temperatures, making it a ‘must have’ for professional circuit racing at the very highest levels. MSB states that the M207 is extremely capable at higher temperatures where other compounds “simply give up.”

Motorsport Brakes (MSB) explains it was established to supply premium brake friction products to the Australian and NZ performance and competition markets.
All Australian distribution of Circo products is warehoused at the MSB base in Yatala, Queensland. The business operates inventory management software which allows for B2B access by Trade and Wholesale partners for all stock and ‘overnight’ purchases.

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