In this COVID-19 crisis we need all the jobs we can get

Research by the Australian Historic Vehicles Interest Group (AHVIG) shows that old car owners spend $5,000 a year on average on maintenance, restoration, storage, transportation and so on.
It says the restoration of some cars can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars, all going to small businesses with many of these being located in regional Australia.
AHVIG says the luxury car tax blocks the importation of many historic cars and costs Australian jobs. It states its research has also found that imports of cars which are more than 30 years old contributed only $1.1 m annually to government import taxes over the last decade.
As such, it says that instead of protecting jobs for local car manufacturers, this tax is now costing Australian jobs.
To correct this anomaly, the Historic Vehicle movement is asking for the removal of luxury car tax from the importation of cars over 30 years old.
It says this will help create jobs that the Prime Minister is looking for and states that the Federal Treasurer’s office has been supplied with all the data to justify this exemption.
The UK reportedly has a similar number of Historic Vehicles on the road and their “cottage industry” contributes over four billion pounds per year to the UK economy.
The Australian Historic Vehicle movement represents more than 150,000 enthusiasts, committed to preserving this important part of our heritage.
The specialist resources of a network of suppliers and workshops are utilised throughout metropolitan and regional Australia to support this commendable objective.

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