Genesis Equipment takes a look at this important question

Genesis Equipment says one of the most significant considerations when buying a two-post hoist is whether you should choose a clear floor or a floor plate hoist.
It says understanding the difference in how these hoists are constructed and set up will help you determine which model will be suitable for your workshop.

Clear Floor Hoists
As the name suggests, clear floor hoists keep the ground below the vehicle and hoist free from obstruction. In these models, the cables and hoses are housed above the vehicle.
Clear floor hoists may require more height to allow space for the overhead bar. So, while they may not fit in every garage, the fact there are no obstructions on the floor below the vehicle offers significant benefits for hassle-free, efficient servicing.
The bar across the top serves several functions:

  1. It provides a secure place for hoist operating cables to run;
  2. It houses a padded overhead safety shutoff bar; and
  3. Offers structural support in the two-post hoist to prevent the posts from bowing or moving during lifting.

Genesis Equipment says Bendpak’s XPR Series of clear floor hoists are ALI approved and available in symmetric, asymmetric and extra tall options.

Floor Plate Hoists
A floor plate hoist has a metal bar running across the ground between the two posts to house the cables.
As such, it can be more challenging to manoeuvre other servicing equipment under the vehicle. However, on the flip side, this type of hoist tends to be better for spaces with lower ceilings with its shorter frame.
Floor plate hoists are generally better for workshops and garages with lower ceilings, as the bar housing the cables sit across the floor.
Genesis Equipment says the XPR Series of Bendpak Floor Plate hoists has a reinforced steel base plate built to be sturdy and durable.

Deciding between a Clear Floor and Floor Plate Hoist
Genesis Equipment says if you are still undecided about whether you should go with a Clear Floor or Floor Plate Hoist, its expert workshop specialists can help.

To discuss your decision, you can contact the Genesis Equipment team on 1300 694 363 or enquire via