Xtreme Outback says it is the conversion clutch kit specialist

One of the most overlooked steps when converting a vehicle’s engine or gearbox is the clutch.
With different dimensions often required for a conversion, it is important to ensure that a custom solution is developed to ensure the best driveability and reliability.
Xtreme Outback, the heavy duty 4×4 and SUV brand from Australian Clutch Services, specialises in custom developed 4×4 clutch upgrades for those who are changing the engine or gearbox in their street, off-road or race vehicle.
With a comprehensive in-house engineering team and a research and development facility at its Adelaide headquarters, Xtreme Outback can custom produce a wide range of solutions tailored to the vehicle’s use and performance levels.
“We have been producing custom clutch kits for engine and gearbox conversions for decades,” Xtreme Outback Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“Our conversions are carefully developed whilst working closely with the customer to ensure the best solution for the vehicle.
“We analyse the dimensions available within the bellhousing as well as any adaptor kits that have been used to design a clutch kit that offers the correct release characteristics for that application.
“This service is easily accessible to anyone who requires a custom solution and, depending on the specific conversion, we often keep the components required on the shelf.”
Building a custom clutch kit can be as simple as switching the spline hubs over in the discs through to more specialised solutions such as tailored flywheel designs.
“Some conversions are a very simple change in componentry whilst others require a full custom solution,” Stewart said.
“Having developed these for many years, we have provided performance solutions for many different street and Motorsport applications in Australia and around the world and have streamlined the process to ensure we can offer the ultimate solution for any vehicle.”
Xtreme Outback has also recently introduced several new conversion kits for popular engine and gearbox conversions such as Nissan Patrol’s fitted with GM LS2 engines and RB Series engines as well as LandCruiser gearboxes fitted to a Nissan TB48 engine.

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