ClutchPro is Australian Clutch Services’ standard replacement brand

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) explains that ClutchPro specialises in complete clutch kits, flywheels, hydraulics and accessories for passenger car applications.
Developed to provide the Complete Clutch Solution to workshops around Australia and New Zealand, ACS says the ClutchPro brand has continually evolved with the times to offer the latest clutch technology as well as the technical support and service to support workshops with fast supply and installation support.
Available through an extensive nationwide distribution network, ACS says it has developed the ClutchPro brand to offer the highest quality whilst providing value to workshops by incorporating the most comprehensive clutch kits possible.
ClutchPro clutch kits are available in four different series types including standard, 400, 500, and 600 series kits, with different inclusions in each. In all 500 and 600 series clutch kits, ClutchPro includes a flywheel to make the installation process as smooth as possible.
“We have been providing clutch kits with replacement flywheels for over 10 years and it has been a major contributor to the popularity of our ClutchPro standard replacement range with workshops,” ACS General Manager, Simon Acton, said.
“We offer dual-mass flywheels as well as a comprehensive range of replacement single-mass flywheels and conversion flywheels for those wanting to convert the dual-mass to single-mass.
“These flywheels are designed and engineered to offer exceptional quality and can help workshops to save time by not having to resurface the existing flywheel after removing the old clutch.”
ACS says this focus on providing the most comprehensive range doesn’t just stop at flywheels. The ClutchPro range also extends to master cylinders, slave cylinders, clutch lines, clutch forks, pivot balls, fork boots, guide tubes, flywheel dowels, replacement bolts, alignment tools, bearings and specialist tools.
“We look for more than just the basics,” Simon said.
“We are constantly adding new products to our range to ensure we have the best vehicle coverage possible and can support our distributors around the country with the products they need, when they need it.”
Simon explains that ACS is continuing on a strong growth phase in the Australian market and is heavily invested in the future.
“We are continuing to grow in Australia and also overseas and are always pushing the evolution for new product development,” Simon said.
“With this emphasis on product development and expansion into other associated components, we are focused on offering our distributors the products and service they require into the future.”

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