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Outlaw Speed Shop says it is proud to be associated with companies that produce high-quality products, and states that Coan Transmissions are a fine example of one such company.
Drag racer Dave Coan founded Coan Transmissions in 1976 in a small garage in Kokomo, Indiana and mainly focused on the Drag racing market. Since then he has reportedly built a solid reputation of products that have excellent performance and reliability; with a commitment to his customers which now range from the novice car enthusiast to the professional sportsman racer.
Coan Engineering is said to have played a major role in introducing the first transbrakes for the GM Powerglide, TH400 and TH350 transmissions, which are now a standard in the industry. The company also pioneered the use of steel stators in its maximum performance torque converters to withstand extreme horsepower.
Outlaw Speed Shop provides Coan Transmissions to customers who use them in modified and performance street/strip vehicles through to serious drag racing vehicles which require a transmission which can handle an engine output of 2,500 horsepower.
Outlaw Speed Shop in conjunction with Coan Transmissions can also cater for specialised applications exceeding well-over 2,500 horsepower requiring extreme engineering on all components. It stocks and distributes what it calls a huge range of Coan transmissions and parts, including;

• GM: Powerglide, TH350, TH400 and TH700; small and big block engines
• Ford: C4 and C6; Windsor, Cleveland and big block engines
• Chrysler: Torque-Flight 727; small and big block engines

Transmission Components:
• Manual valve bodies
• Transmission Drum and Sprag assemblies (steel or billet aluminium)
• Bare transmission cases
• Input shafts
• Torque converters
• Transbrake solenoids
• Gasket and seal kits
• Cast alloy transmission pans
• General rebuild parts (clutches, bands etc)
Outlaw Speed Shop says Coan Engineering’s range is a valued addition to its “enormous” product range which covers nearly 80,000 different parts and 450 trusted brand names. It keeps a broad range of Coan Transmissions and parts in stock ready for purchase.
Outlaw Speed Shop is a Capricorn preferred supplier and is located in suburban Adelaide at 50 Grand Junction Road, Rosewater, South Australia.

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